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Areas of research, clinical experience and focus

I work with Individuals, Couples, Polyam Relationships and Teens over 15

The Body and Mind​

* Anxiety and Panic Experiences



Childhood Traumas 

Chronic Pain and Fatigue 

Autism and Neurodiversity

Trans and Non-binary  transition issues and traumas 

*DID and Systems Experiences

Culture and Identities 

*  Serophobia and HIV/AIDS issues

*  Sexual Minority issues such as Aromantic and Asexual spectrum experiences

*Sex Worker affirming

* Mixed race and white passing experiences

*Microaggressions and oppression

*Trans and Non-binary cultural issues

*Fatness, Fatphobia, Body Positivity and Body Neutrality


*Polyamorous, Kink and D/S friendly and affirming

*Attachment Style Conflicts

*Understanding Power and Control Issues
* Learning how to love yourself and your partner(s) better

Please feel free to message or call to discuss my approach if you feel we would be a good fit to work together

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ayom ament, MA LMHCA, SUDPT (They/Them, She/Her/He/Him)

Some of my identities are Queer, Trans, Non-binary, Intersex, Demisexual/Aspec, Polyamorous,Multi-ethnic/Mixed and Neurodiverse/Neuroqueer

I really like space, cosmology and the idea that our current existence in our bodies holds elements from past stars. I feel this idea is a grounding thought that might hold insight to bigger picture ideas as we try to making sense of experiences that can be challenging to make sense of. My other approaches as a therapist and more about me are as follows...


A part of my approach is rooted relational experiences and what can happen in the therapeutic relationship when there is a commitment to the self and the changes you are working to make in your life. As a therapist my goal is to witness and guide, to be with you exactly where you are in the moment.


As a therapist, I strongly believe in your agency in the therapeutic relationship. I am inspired by feminist and trans theory and praxis as well as the psychobiology of feelings and behaviors. I enjoy looking at attachment, relational and psychodynamic theories, as well as existentialism and geek/nerd fandoms to help make sense of suffering and reconnect you to yourself and your goals.


I enjoy working with folks who are exploring identities, genders, neurodiversity, anxiety, depression, trauma and panic. I'm a kink and polyamorous aware therapist, validating of experiences on the sexuality and asexuality spectrums, with ongoing cultural humility practice. I have experience with systems, plurality, multiplicity and disassociative identities and use a disability justice framework.


I graduated from The University of Washington with a Bachelor in Arts in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies. While at UW I researched cognition in Deaf and hard of hearing infants at the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences as well as did research in the biopsychology of queer and trans bodies, looking at transfeminine periods and queer menstruation. I received my Masters in Psychology at Seattle University's Existential Phenomenological Psychology program.

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Let's talk to see if we are a good fit. I offer a free 20 minute telehealth or phone consultation. Call, or text me at (206) 900-3320. My email is

My full supporter's fee is $225 for a 55 minute individual session, and $250 for a 75 minute relationship session, however, I ask what is an accessible fee for you and your goals in therapy. Those who can pay more support sliding scale fees that are adjusted based on income and needs.Finances should not be a barrier to therapy and I welcome discussions about sliding scale rates. 

 I do not take insurance, but can provide a monthly superbill for possible reimbursement by your insurance. You can contact your insurance provider to verify that my services are eligible for reimbursement.

Payment is due at the time of service, in the form of  Paypal, Venmo or credit card.

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Online Booking Available

Thanks for reaching out!

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